Service Details

Electrical works and control systems

  • Design and implementation of overhead line and underground up to 36 K.V.
  • Electrical transform and Load Break Switch for electrical networks
  • Electrical transform and circuit breakers
  • Ring Main Units (RMU)
  • Medium Automatic Transfer-SWITCHGEAR 17.5KV & 33KV
  • Fiber Optic cables, SCADA and remote control systems
  • Aluminum conductors for overhead line
  • Cable joints, Termination up to 36 KV
  • Stations packaged in all capacities and linked from source to consumers
  • Capacitor banks for power factor correction
  • Grounding and lightning protection system
  • Power stations and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Central Battery Systems
  • Solar Energy Solutions (Renewable Power)

We seek to provide everything the market needs in the field of contracting with the highest quality and appropriate cost, and we have the experience that qualifies us to do so, as our team includes a group of brilliant engineers at all levels, whether site engineers, technical office engineers or consulting as well as we have trained workers and we also have the latest equipment Which serves the field of contracting in order to reach our desired goal.

Advantages of working with us

Completing the work on time and according to the prepared schedule, transparency, clarity and mutual trust with our clients, the integrated study system for each project separately and avoiding randomness, the use of modern studies and systems to reduce the cost of work, the application of international quality standards and attention to safety and protection systems for the individual

Creative Ideas

Our team has experience, which makes it present innovative ideas in design and implementation in various fields and specializations offered by the company

Expert Engineers

The company has a group of highly experienced and qualified engineers in all disciplines, whether from technical office engineers, site engineers or consultants

Professional Support

We have a professional support team and can communicate with it from Sunday to Thursday to answer all customer inquiries

Compatitive Price

The company has a constructive and competitive pricing plan in all areas and services provided by the company

Quality Product

We work to provide products of the highest possible quality through our use of the latest equipment and the availability of the necessary expertise for our team

Quick Delivery

We plan a time for the project, taking into account the highest speed delivery, taking into account the achievement of the highest quality of the product

We always strive to reach customer satisfaction with the service provided to them by providing many solutions and ideas and working to achieve the highest quality rates. We also have a qualified and trained support team to respond to customer inquiries appropriately and in the fastest time.